Food consultants.

Ideate, pre-produce & coordinate.

Collaborating with a network of chefs, floor managers, journalists and directors to realise food-related programming.

  • Food design challenges.
  • Top shot videos.
  • Web series production.
  • Talent selection.

Recipe Development

Interpreting social web analytics and future food trends to create innovative recipes. Focusing on past, present, and forecasted trends to inform decisions.

  • Writing of food trend books.
  • Making of technical cooking sheet.
  • Photo shooting.

Engage your community

Refining brand messages to develop food and beverage concepts that deliver memorable experiences.

  • F&B concept for hotel industry concept.
  • Digital communication strategies
  • Community building.

Founder Baptiste Aubour has writen some of most popular food programs with Top Chef and Masterchef, developing and executing over 100 original episode challenges in France, Morocco and Algeria.

He has extensive experience in the creation of food content on multi platforms, working since his early age across the US, United Arab Emirates, North Africa and France. Taking food as a complicated though universal language, he mixes datas and creativity to inform his decisions.

In 2019, he was Creative Director of the world fastest growing media company - Chefclub, creating food content for the 1st active food community worldwide across more than 10 countries. He has a vast range of skills, from leading teams both in the field and production, conceptualising original programming, and creating a strong brand or program identity.